When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love

Quilt Shop

I was recently in Wyoming visiting my family. My youngest daughter offered to take me to visit two quilt shops nearby. Since there are no quilt shops near me at home (the nearest is over an hour away, with the nearest plain old fabric store 45 minutes away), I jumped at the opportunity. We wandered around both shops, not buying anything, but enjoying browsing and gathering ideas for future projects.

These are just cell phone photos, so the quality is poor, unfortunately.

Both shops are in old houses, which lends a quaint air. We wandered from room to room.

Detail of the quilt in the first photo. The bronc is of course Wyoming's official emblem. What attracted me is the simplicity of the square patchwork border around the center, the colors, and the diamond "frame" of the central emblem.

I loved the vintage colors of this one. What a sweet color scheme for a little girl's quilt. This quilt was hanging on the wall with a shelf unit in front of it (holding the bolt of orange fabric on the left) so that I couldn't see the whole quilt. The pink and green 9-patches in the corners of each block are really cute. Also notice the pink rick rack around the border. Cute, but after being washed, I know it wouldn't lay down nicely any more.

Visiting a quilt shop, or even just a fabric shop, is so inspiring. Seeing all the colors and prints makes my fingers itch and my mind race. In another room, one whole wall was full of my favorite colors of fall: brown, gold, rich reds, dark greens, and more. Now that I'm home I wish I'd also gotten a photo of that, just because it was beautiful.

When my granddaughter was born years ago, I said that her quilt would be the last I made. When my grandson was born, I made another, and said it was the last I would make. I think if I could machine-quilt, I'd make more. It's the hand-quilting that is so hard for me now that my fingers are stiff with arthritis and my eyes have deteriorated. I've always felt that machine-quilting is cheating, that hand-quilting is so much prettier, so it would be an adjustment. But if I could accept that change...

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