When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love

Projects for Family

A great present for family members is to take time and make a quilt for them. I really had a dilemma though - a quilt for a guy - namely, my brother! A twenty-year-old soldier just on his own in his first apartment!

It took me some time to find the right pattern, but I found it. What better colors? Black and White! The optical illusion is great!

I used 6 different patterns of fabric ranging from white to black and cut them into strips. I had hoped to find a jelly roll that would have worked, but not with the black to white. After sewing the strips together, it was just a matter of cutting out the triangles and putting them together in the right order.

I finished with a 1-inch red border to bring out the whites and blacks.

My brother? He loved it and I am now having problems finding Christmas presents that compare.

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