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Previous Projects #4

Another quilting class project...

Our final project was applique. This is the "Grandma's Garden" pattern; the flower was sewn together and then appliqued to the quilt base. Curves! Ick! The pillow top was then quilted "in the ditch".

I know of two variations on this pattern: "Dresden Plate" is a single circle, instead of each color patch having an individual curve on the outside edge, and another whose name I don't know, in which the outside edges form a 90-degree angle instead of a curve.

We learned a lot about design in our class. For this project, we were to choose four fabrics, a dark, a light, and two midtones. The center circle was to be in the "main" color and was appliqued on top. (I outfoxed that center circle! I had cut the pattern from cardboard, so I sewed a running stitch around the edge of the fabric circle, then gathered the seam allowance with the cardboard pattern inside, ironed it, and removed the cardboard. A perfect circle! So much easier to applique!)

As you can see, the color that "pops" out is the navy blue, yet I made the ruffles in pink. If I were to do it over again, I'd change the color of the center circle to the pink print, and use something different than the navy print. The navy is too dark and bold with the other prints. I made this pillow for my mother-in-law for Christmas. When she died I "inherited it back".

I made this one for my mother. The main color was dictated by what I had in my fabric stash, but I like that the ruffle is the same as the dark fabric that pops out at you, unlike the pink pillow.

Both of these are 16-inch pillows. The others I've posted about were 12-inch and 14-inch projects. All of the fabrics used in both of these pillows were in my stash so the only cost was the pillow form. The base of the pillow top is a printed white-on-white muslin. There is a heart quilted into each corner on both pillows.

When making this pattern you have to remember to applique the design so the main color is in the corners (or up and down if you prefer) and not off-center. The fabric you use in the center circle and the ruffles will determine which is the "main" fabric.

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