When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love

Previous Projects #2

Another quilting class project...

This nine-patch project was to learn how to quilt a pattern, instead of "in-the-ditch" quilting and the straight-line quilting that follows a seam. Larger patches required stitching in the middle as well as along the edge to hold the layers together over time (and in the wash). Our assignment was to quilt a design in the squares.

Each of the cream floral patches has a quilted heart; the blue patches are quilted 1/4-inch from the seam. (Do you know how to quilt a straight line? Masking tape! Your lines will be perfectly straight and exactly the right distance from the next line. There is a special low-tack quilting tape sold in different widths for this purpose.)

We also learned how to sew ruffles, and were allowed to use our sewing machines. I hate making ruffles, however you'll notice that all of my quilted pillows have them. Our instructor taught us how to make an envelope back so that the pillow form is removeable. All in all, pillows were a struggle for me. I do think they turned out pretty nice, though.

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