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Machine-Quilting Service

Wednesday, on our way into the City to join our son for my birthday lunch, we stopped at the quilt store to inquire about their machine-quilting service.

The store was surprisingly busy, and hubby said he really felt like a fish out of water. We stood in line for a bit and finally it was our turn to be helped. I was told that the woman who provides the service picks up and drops off the quilts at the store. The women who own the store say she is very good and they use her services for their own quilts. They gave me a paper with instructions on preparing the quilt top and told me it usually takes 6-8 weeks for it to be completed. I can either choose the stitching pattern or do as many of her customers do, letting her pick the one she thinks will work best - they said she is very good at doing this.

I need to measure the quilt top - the price is between 1-2 cents per square inch - then make sure the batting Melissa and I bought is the right size (with 4" extra on each side), and wash/dry and iron the backing. I might need to seam the backing as well; I haven't unfolded it to check the size.

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