When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love

Quilt Blocks, Part One

I recognize some of the fabrics my mother used in the quilt blocks, but I don't remember what all of them were originally.

My mother made most of my clothes when I was little. "Back to School" meant she sewed new dresses for my school wardrobe. Back then, girls wore dresses to school all the time. She also sewed sportshirts for my dad. She saved the leftover fabric for the quilt. Friends of my parents might recognize some of these prints.

I think the grey print was from one of Dad's shirts. The purple is familiar too, but I can't place it.

I like the colors on this one. There is an "opposite" block on the other side, with the brown fabric in the middle.

This is one of my favorite blocks; I think Dad had shirts made from both fabrics. Notice my mother's favorite aqua color. The camels are so "campy".

This shows the pattern of the middle squares, with each fabric piece turned 90 degrees.

I wish she had saved fabrics from clothing that I remember so well. Dad had a sportshirt with automobiles on it, and another with fish (he used to take my brother and me fishing quite often; those are some of my favorite memories). I'm sure that the scale of those prints was too large for this project so she didn't save the scraps.

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