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Quilt Top

In the past, I've machine-pieced the tops of my projects and quilted by hand. Most have been wall hangings and pillow tops. The largest project I've done was a crib-sized quilt. I don't have a quilting frame, nor do I have room for one in the house. Doing a twin-size quilt by hand is a daunting task, and really requires using a frame. I have to face the fact that I don't honestly know when I'll be able to work on the quilting of the three-generation quilt.

Melissa had mentioned that her local quilt shop does machine quilting for their clients. I had no idea that such a service existed. Out of curiousity I took a look on the internet and was truly surprised at the number of places that will do this, and the cost seems reasonable. I even found one in a nearby city. I also discovered that I can have an Amishwoman in Tennessee do the quilting, although the website doesn't list the cost to have this done. (The website is fascinating to read, though.)

Would I be "ok" with having someone do the quilting instead of me? with machine-quilting instead of hand-quilting?

Am I willing to have the quilt-top sit in a box for years, like my mother did, because I can't find the time or space or courage to begin?

My goal the past year or more has been to follow-through, to finish what is started, to let go of the "good" in favor of the "better", the "important". I need to make a decision on this.

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