When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love

Back to My House

Melissa mailed the quilt top back to me yesterday! It will be here early next week, while she is visiting us.

On every quilt I've ever made (don't get too excited, there haven't been that many), I've quilted a small heart into the design. Melissa and I are planning to applique hearts into the corners of this quilt, and on hers too. The hearts will have our initials on them, one heart for each person:

one for my mother, who made the patches
one for Melissa, who sewed the top together
one for me, who will do the hand-quilting

We are also planning to have Melissa's 6-year-old daughter take a few stitches in the quilt, and will put her initials in another heart. That will be a heart in each corner.

Did you notice that it will ultimately be a four-generation quilt?

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