When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love

You Found WHAT?

You found WHAT?

That was all I could think when my Mother called me and told me the treasure she had found!

Would I be able to do a quilt? What a silly question!

I was so excited to know quilt squares that my Grandmother had started were going to be on their way to my house.

The 10 x 10 squares are perfect! The lines are so wonderful and you can tell she took her time with the sewing. It was a labor of love and I am looking forward to the journey of continuing that love.

The aqua color that Grandma had loved so much was a little hard to find and was also in a few of the squares. And with all the different patterns and other colors, the only color that would make it all stand out was black.

I decided to use a 5in border of black all around the squares to highlight the uniqueness of all the squares.

I will be using 30 of the already completed squares for the first quilt that will be for Mom. When I do the second quilt I will have to finish a couple squares, but for now my fingers are itching to get started and see what will be created.

My only wish is that we knew about the squares before my Grandma passed away in 1998 so we could've asked about them and known what her intention was.

Thank you, Grandma, for the chance to carry on a little bit of history and family ties!

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