When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love

The Plan

The Plan evolved as Melissa and I have talked on the phone over the past year. If she added fabric between the blocks, it would help to extend the number of squares my mother had made, so that we could make two twin-size quilts and each have one.

The turquoise or aqua fabric that was in the box, and that we assume Mom was going to use as the backing, isn't enough for two quilts, and had faded and degraded along the folded edges, so Melissa will find a similar fabric to use as the backing. We wondered if she'd be able to find fabric in a similar color, but Melissa says her local quilt shop does have several to choose from.

Melissa will finish the patchwork top, and hopefully she'll be finished with the first top before she comes to visit us in late July so she can bring it with her. We'll assemble the quilt at my house and I will finish the quilting later. She'll then work on her own quilt top. Melissa says that she will have to make a few additional blocks for hers, but she has access to that local quilt shop which carries a wide array of appropriate fabrics - all of the fabric stores near me have closed except a Hancock Fabrics in Shawnee.

I used to do a lot of sewing, but have not quilted in many years. I've never attempted one larger than crib-size. This will be a challenge and adventure in many ways.

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