When you sleep under a quilt, you sleep under a blanket of love

The Discovery

In January '09 my brother and I had to clean out our childhood home after our father passed away. Mom had died several years earlier.

In their bedroom closet I found a flat, white box of partially-finished quilt squares in a variation of the 9-patch pattern (it's a 16-patch design). I recognized the fabrics as scraps from items my mother had created, some from the sports shirts she had sewn for my father many many years ago for instance. Some of the blocks were finished, others were partly-done, and there was a stack of squares still to be sewn together.

On the bottom of the box was a folded piece of turquoise fabric that I assume she was going to use as the backing of the quilt she had begun. Turquoise was obviously her favorite color; it was everywhere in the house.

I stared at the box for quite some time. I could not throw it out. I thought about putting it in the estate sale, and almost did. I *wanted* to keep it and finish the quilt my mother had begun, but I knew in my heart that it would just sit in my closet for another dozen years or more. Finally I picked up my phone and called my daughter Melissa, who has been quilting for several years. We talked about the project, and she said she'd love to make TWO twin-size quilts with the squares, one for me and one for her. She would add some fabric to separate the blocks so that we'd have enough for two quilts.

The project has been evolving for over a year now. The box is now at Melissa's house (we live in different states) and she has purchased the additional fabric and has begun cutting. When I reminded her yesterday to please take photos of the process, she suggested we start a blog just for this project. We'll be working on the blog together as time goes by. I hope you will join us.

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  1. Wow. I am so thankful that you didn't get rid of the pieces and that Melissa is going to make a quilt for each of you. How special is that!